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The Future of Gardening

The patented Greenwall Solutions System is the ultimate vertical garden solution for both internal and external Greenwall projects.

Greenwall Solutions are the creators of the patented modular Vertical System Green4Air designed and manufactured in Australia.

Made of 100% recycled polypropelene, our product is water efficient, lightweight, durable, cost-effective, & easy-to-maintain.

The Greenwall Solutions system comprises a POD which is mounted onto Eco Polymer Sheeting or a suitable vertical hardware.

The result; sustainable, breathtaking living walls that are easy to maintain, look extraordinary, improve air quality and are kind to the environment.

Easy to install

The Greenwall Solutions systems is an innovative, flexible, simple, efficient and easy to install Living Wall system.

The design is seamless, achieving non-linear shapes with ease.

The versatility of the Greenwall Solutions system enables it to be used indoors or outdoors on any sized project.

The Greenwall Solutions system comprises a POD which is mounted onto Eco Polymer Sheeting or a suitable vertical hardware.

Drip irrigation lines are installed every 2nd row to deliver water to the pods.

Specially designed grooves at the back of the pods enable the driplines to sit in place and deliver the right amount of water to the plants.

Easy to maintain

Greenwalls are Living gardens that need regular ongoing care and maintenance to ensure the plants look great, and the wall continues to thrive.

Before committing to a vertical garden it is important to know that regular maintenance is imperative so it continues looking terrific all year around.

Greenwall Solutions offers to its clients’ ongoing expertise, maintenance and care for their Greenwalls.

The maintenance cost of your Greenwall will vary dependent on its size, plant species used and its location. We will discuss various maintenance options with you which best meet your budget, and time schedules.

As a rule of thumb, we advise clients to budget for about 12% of the total cost of their Greenwall per annum for maintenance which includes plant replacement.

A maintenance includes checking plant health, removing and replacing plants if required, trimming, pruning, testing of the irrigation, topping up of fertilizer and regular pest management.

One of the major benefits of our system is that the individual pods can simply be swapped or replaced if the plant is not thriving; this lowers the ongoing maintenance cost.

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Frequently asked questions

A Greenwall is a hanging vertical garden using live plants.

Using a wall bracket our patented pods are clipped onto the walls. View this quick video for further info.

Plant selection is based on whether your Greenwall is internal or
external, the aspect, wind, hours of sun and shade as well as the
regularity of maintenance.

For indoor Greenwalls, we regularly recommend Anthyrium,
Spatphylium, Nephrolepsis (Fern) and Philodendrum. Bromeliads also
look terrific.

For External Greenwalls, we will often use Native Violets, Dichondra
( Silver Falls ), Trailing & Flowering Succulents, Alternanthera, (Party
Time) , Liriope, Tri Colour Jasmine, Phildendron Xanadu and Westringia.
Most type of succulents also love Greenwalls.

Plants with a shallow root structure are better suited to our Green4Air

Some edible plants we use in our Greenwalls include Native Violets
(Viola hederacea) and Edible Berries ( rhipsalis baccifera)

Herbs like Thai Basil, Thyme, Vietnamese Mint, Basil, Chives, Oregano
and Thyme can all be grown in a Greenwall as long as they are well

The compost selected for each plant depends on the individual plant

Each of our growers uses a specialty blended potting mix most suitable
for their particular Greenwall plant species. We recommend a good high
end quality potting mix which maintains a good balance between holding
moisture and draining well. Soil is not always suitable to use in PODS as
soil texture can vary greatly. Generally a potting mix based on recycled
organic materials is ideal for Greenwall PODS. Best to check with your
nursery based on the plants you select for your Greenwall. Each of our
PODs holds 700cc of compost and 50ml of water.

Our PODS are suitable for 100-140mm Plants.

We usually plant 125mm Plant Species.

If using our Green4Air, Back wall plates, you will need 44
PODS per square metre.

Use our POD CALCULATOR to guide you on the quantity you require.

2 Green4Air Pods are designed to hang on 1 Green4Air Back Wall Plate.

The PODS are 140mm wide x 200mm high.

Allow a depth of 150mm from the POD hook to the front, allowing for
plant foliage to hang over.

Each POD holds 700cc of compost and 50ml of water.

Our Greenwall PLATES are 300mm wide x 200mm High x 12mm thick.

The plates can be easily snapped in ½ should you need to re-size to
achieve your end design. 2 Pods are designed to hang on 1 Plate.

Our Greenwall-Solutions Back Wall Plates have been designed to make
Greenwalls easy to install for DIY users. From a commercial
perspective, their strength lies in their ability to create non-linear lines.
As they require more fixings that most other substructures, our SkALE
Plates are more suitable to being attached to non-masonary surfaces
such as timber, and blue-board. If you have any questions on the
suitability of your substructure for our Plates, please contact us.

Allow a depth of 150mm from your Greenwall backing substructure to
the front of the POD hook. This includes some space for the plant foliage
to hang over.