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Saves you space

For those of us who live in apartments, townhouses or terraces, we are often limited with outdoor spaces so creating an idyllic garden can be a challenge. A Green4Air by Greenwall Solutions Vertical Garden is ideal for this situation. Our team love being creative with Greenwall designs when working with limited spaces. Hassle-free, set & forget, our vertical gardening Green4Air by Greenwall Solutions patented system is seamless and provides beautiful results. Requiring very limited space for planting, the creative design options of the system allow you to plants in several ways – from vertically arranging, individual pods and planting, ad hoc pattern, or hang one above the other.

Sustainable – Kind to the Environment Made from 100% Recyclable Material Australian Made & Owned

Designed from recyclable Polypropylene our Green4Air system is simple easy to install and maintain
with minimal use of water the system is extremely water efficient. The design is seamless, non linear to achieve versatile aesthetics.

Good for the Planet!

Vertical gardens don’t just look beautiful, they do good for the planet as well!

So Simple To Install

The recycled plastic plates simply clip together like Lego to form a support for the pod planters.
can be configured to an assortment of different shapes.
To install our patented planters, follow the below steps:
– Clip your plates together to form your top row
– Line up and level your top row. Screw in your top row.
– Clip in the remaining rows until you get to your ideal finish height.
– Additional screws will be required at mid section and the bottom of wall to ensure structurally
– Transfer your plants into the pods and simply hang the pods onto the wall.
Our lightweight plates include all screws and wall plugs for quick, easy, seamless installation.

Brilliant Irrigation System

Our patented planter works on drip irrigation lines to deliver water to our plant pods. Specially
designed grooves in the back of the pot allow the drip lines to sit in place and deliver the right
amount of water to the plants. Vertically arranged plants are easy to reach – making watering,
fertilizing, pruning and harvesting easy, time-efficient, and convenient.

Extraordinary Drainage System

Our green wall system offers a small reservoir of water to allow the plants to draw on the moisture.
Importantly the planters have an excellent drainage system allowing the roots to access plenty of
oxygen for healthy growth. Indoor or outdoor this container based vertical garden system is perfect for
apartment gardens.

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Whether you’re wanting to build your own vertical garden or looking for a professional service to
assist you, Green4Air is the perfect vertical green wall garden kit. Easy to install and maintain, this vertical green wall garden kit provides versatility, water efficiency and is cost effective. Looking for professional help, contact Greenwall Solutions for a quote. START YOURS TODAY!

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Frequently asked questions


Yes, Green4Air PODS and PLATES are designed and manufactured in Australia.

Our Green4Air Pods are manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene plastic. They are 100%
recyclable at the end of their life.


Allow 40kg PSM for your complete Green4Air Solution. This structural load needs to be met when
using our 1.2m x 2.4m Eco Polymer Sheets, the Green4Air Pods, with the plants inside them, when
wet. We recommend you consult with an engineer if you are unsure if your wall can hold this
weight load.

Most surfaces ; Masonary, Concrete, Double Brick, Internal Stud Walls, Timber Cladding.


Yes. Greenwall Solutions engineered the Green4Air Green Wall system. We build, design and
maintain Vertical Gardens. Contact sales@greenwall-solutions.com to get a quote.


We use 8mm black poly pipe miniscape dripper tubing with 150mm drip spacing. In addition to this
dripper tubing you will require drip line end plugs and drip line joiners and a riser tube and respective fittings. These items are readily available through most garden and hardware outlets.

We use 19mm black polypipe as the riser tube and connect the rise tube with rows of drip line.
We space the drippers every 150mm to align with the horizontal spacing off each PODS.

We typically connect our riser tube to a 1inch male thread. Alternate fittings can also be used.

We always recommend an irrigation controller for your Greenwall. Depending on the size of your
Greenwall, you may opt to go with a battery operated Tap Timer or a Blue tooth irrigation system
that can individually control the irrigation of numerous walls or zones via the use of solenoid


If your Greenwall is outdoors depending on the ground finish we generally allow the irrigation
to run straight to the ground

If you have stone paving, tiles, or timber decking you may need to consider a drainage trough to
capture the water over flow to avoid staining your floor finish and / or a slip hazard.

When the run off needs to be controlled and directly we install a drip trough at the base of the
wall. ( This is required for all internal Greenwalls )

Our standard dimensions for a trough are 150mm high x 300mm wide x the length of the Greenwall.
This does vary depending on the project design.

We use welded aluminum for our troughs. We can powder coat the trough to suit your design

It is more efficient for the water to run directly to waste. As we use fertilizer in our
irrigation, the water needs to be run out through the sewerage lines.

The Green4Air system is designed such that the PODS above drain directly into the 2 PODS below.

By inserting a rubber plug into one of the PODS drainage holes, we can control and divert the
flow of water to the left or right as it cascades down the wall. Thus it allows us to better
control the water flow through or around angles, curves and empty spaces.

99% of the water will thus be directed into the customised drip trough below the Greenwall. The
1% exception will come from water hitting a renegade leaf which then tracks off in an
uncontrolled direction.

A small amount of water may occasionally drip onto the floor outside the troughed area.


We assess this based on each installation. A fertigation unit will always be recommended if your
Greenwall is internal, and over 12m2.

The Fertigation unit is installed directly in the water supply line. The system operates without
electricity. It uses the flow of water as the power source.

The Fertigation unit itself is only 120mm in diameter and 250mm high. The nutrients are kept in
a drum below the unit. We typically recommend a 25L drum, which is 290mm in diameter and 445mm

We recommend that you allow space to house the Fertigation Unit & its components of 1.2m wide x
0.5m high x 0.4m depth

For more information about Fertigation units, and how much space you need to allow for one on
your project, please contact us.

Independent tests have shown the Green4Air Pod System to be on of the most water efficient on
the market, utilising as little as 1.2 litres of water per square metre.


Not all internal Greenwalls need grow lighting. Good natural light may be sufficient for your
Greenwall. Plants do need a broad spectrum of lights to survive and thrive.

We can provide you with the recommended bulb for your Greenwall.

We are not lighting suppliers so we can only provide a limited selection of fittings. We
recommend you liaise with your architect or electrician for specialist or designer light

We will not install the lighting – you will need your builder or electrician to do this.


Our Green4Air Plates are made of a water proof polymer which offers a degree of protection It is
our recommendation that all internal Greenwalls are water-proofed prior to the installation of
the Greenwall . A standard black water-proof paint is suitable to provide the degree of
water-proofing required. (Note: Affixing the substructure will still penetrate the host wall so
it can never be rated 100% water proofed)


We offer a 3month plant replacement warranty on all Greenwalls we supply and install, providing
we include an irrigation system in the install.

We offer a 2 year warranty on all Green4Air components ( Plates and Pods ) and will send you out
a 12 Pack Kit to replace any faulty goods.

All other components ( eg Tap Timer ) are as per the manufacturer’s standard warranty.